【Watch review】Bvlgari Octo Roma (with pink gold)

This article is a review of the Bvlgari watch “Octo”. The Oct series started in 2012. The watch I own was launched in 2019 and has a pink gold decoration. It features an octagonal bezel with the motif of an ancient Roman column.

Good points and Bad points

Good points:

・The thickness of the watch is thin

・Supple bracelet

・The lacquer painting on the dial is beautiful

・The accuracy of the movement(bvl.191) is good

・Ceramic is adopted for some parts of the movement

Bad points:

・Bezel is easy to hit the back of the hand

・Sometimes the dial looks cheap(Depending on the viewing angle)

・Expensive(For an additional fee, you can buy other popular watches such as Rolex sports models)

About wearing feeling

This watch has a fine bracelet so it is comfortable to wear. It feels like a Breitling Chronomat. It’s lighter than the Chronomat, so it doesn’t strain your arm. It ’s so good that you forget you ’re wearing it.

Since the bezel is octagonal, it may hit the back of your hand. Other than that, there are no drawbacks.

Very thin watch

↓Also, the thickness of the watch is very thin. This is a comparison with the largest watch I currently have(G-SHOCK Frogman). The thickness of Frogman is about 20mm, but the octo is less than 10mm.

Bvlgari seems to be focusing on making thin watches. Recently, Bvlgari announced the thinnest model of the chronograph. The thinness is also the reason for the good wearing feeling.

On the other hand, it is important to note that a thin watch will break if handled roughly.

About the movement(bvl.191)

This watch is equipped with bvl.191. This movement is found on various Bvlgari watches. Since the distribution volume is large, I don’t think there is any concern that repairs will be impossible in the future.

Ceramic is used for some of the parts. Therefore, the parts are less likely to wear. Recent luxury watches (Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Omega, etc.) have adopted ceramic parts. The frequency of overhaul is reduced by using ceramic. This is good as it lowers maintenance costs.

Also, the accuracy is very good. The watch I own is about 5 seconds ahead every day. Wow this exceeds the chronometer standard (COSC). It’s amazing!

(Please note: there are individual differences in accuracy.)

About lacquer painting

Bvlgari is committed to lacquering. The dial is painted over a day. Moreover, it is painted many times. It’s a lot of work. In addition, the exterior is polished by craftsmen. Since it is a polyhedron, polishing is difficult.

↓Bvlgari lacquer is beautiful, but it can look cheap depending on the viewing angle. It’s difficult to express, but sometimes it looks flat. I’m dissatisfied with this point.


This watch currently costs about 1 million yen (about 8,350 dollars). This is because we are doing a lot of work on the details. Given the price, you can buy watches from other luxury brands(about Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Breitling, etc).

I think this watch should be bought by someone who is in a position like a business owner. This watch is very glittering. Therefore, if it is worn by an ordinary office worker, it may stand out in the workplace. There are many watch brands, but I think you should consider your position when choosing one.

When buying Bvlgari watch, it is important that it contains precious metals. If Bvlgari watch contains precious metals, its value will not decline easily(although it doesn’t go like Rolex). In addition, it looks beautiful when it contains precious metals. Watches that contain precious metals can differentiate themselves from other watches.

(Watch detail:https://www.bulgari.com/en-us/watches/mens/octo-roma-watch-grey-103083)