Bvlgari Restaurant reviews “il-ristorante”(Ginza/Tokyo)

This article is an English translation of the article posted on June 2, 2021.

Bulgari Ginza Tower is located in Ginza 1-chome. At the restaurant “Il Ristorante” in this tower, Michelin-starred chef Luca Fantin serves Italian cuisine prepared by carefully selecting ingredients from Japan. Former Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and actress Yonekura Ryoko have also eaten at this restaurant.

We have a gift a meal ticket from Bulgari

↑We received a meal ticket from Bvlgari boutique that I always shopping. This meal tickets have expiration dates. It is by appointment only. According to the staff, if you make a reservation one week in advance, you can make a reservation.

State of the restaurant

The interior is Italian architect has designed. There are few seats and you cannot eat without making a reservation. Near the entrance there is also a private room.

There are two course menus

↑There are two course menus, but cannot choose a course with a meal ticket. I have ulcerative colitis, but when I told staff about my illness when I made an appointment, she asked me in detail. It was a very kind response!

This day is vegetable dishes was the course of the center.

Drink menu

Drinks are served before and after meals. The first drink is free, but the second is charged.

Some drinks are charged.

Photographs of the cooking

↑The first photo is duck meat, the second is squid dishes from Odawara, and the third is spaghetti with broad beans. The composition is beautiful. Well thought and cuisine has been placed.

↑I ate with a watch called Bvlgari Octo on my arm.

Limited chocolate box at the restaurant

↑This bvlgari chocolate box can only be seen at this restaurant. This is a special chocolate box. There are 4 Bulgari chocolates in a big box. Luxury!

Receive a Bulgari chocolate gift on way home

But can only get one chocolate per person.

If you want other types of chocolate, you can buy them at the cafe upstairs. Bvlgari chocolate is made by spending one day on each grain. The price is high (1 grain 1500 yen=15 dollars) because it is made with time and effort.

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