【Watch review】Bvlgari antique watch

This article is a review of Bvlgari antique watch(sold in the late 2000s). I got this watch from the owner of the apartment I used to live in.

Good points and Bad points

Good points

・Comfortable to wear(Thin and light)

・Unisex specification

・Quartz watch without second hand

・With 18k gold

Bad points

・Crown is hard to rotate

・Sometimes the dial can’t be seen due to the refraction of light

・Bvlgari logo on both the bezel and dial

About wearing comfort

This watch is very thin and light. Sometimes I forget that I am wearing a watch.

It has a diameter of 30mm, and is unisex watch. 30mm watch is rare for men’s watches. It is a good point that a couple can share one watch.

Comparison of size with other watches

↓I compared it with other watches(From left: Casio G-Shock Frogman, Bulgari, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak). You can see that the sizes are completely different. Small watches are comfortable to wear, but they also have the disadvantage of making the dial difficult to see. Also, this watch may not be able to see the dial due to the reflection of light. A watch with a large visibility is superior.


↓It is a comparison of thickness. Frogman is 20mm thick, but Bvlgari is 0.6mm. You can see from this comparison that it is a very thin watch.

Bvlgari has always been particular about making watches thinner. Recently, Bvlgari have released the world’s thinnest chronograph. Thin mechanical watches have the disadvantage of being easily impacted and fragile, but quartz watches do not have to worry about that.

Quartz watch without second hand

This watch is quartz but does not have a second hand. The quartz second hand moves step by step every second, but this watch doesn’t. It is good point.

Quartz with a second hand runs out of battery quickly, but this watch also has the advantage of having a long battery life.

Points of concern

The crown of this watch is difficult to rotate. Because there is no handle to rotate the crown. When the battery runs out, it is difficult to set the time.

Also, I’m curious that both the bezel and the dial have the Bulgari logo. It is a strange design to engrave the Bulgari logo on both sides. This point has been improved in the current product.

About the price

Here I will write about the price. The list price is 720,000 yen(about $5547), but the current used price is about 100,000 yen(about $770).

Recently, the price of gold has soared due to the influence of the situation in Ukraine, but you can buy a gold watch at this cheap second-hand price. On the flip side, new Bvlgari watches tend to fall in price, but I think it’s a good choice if you buy them second hand.

When new Bvlgari watches make significant price increases, customers prefer to buy them at cheap second-hand prices. This is why Bvlgari cannot raise prices as significantly as Rolex and Audemars Piguet.


This watch is about 15 years old, but it doesn’t feel old. Also, because it is unisex, it is good to be able to share one watch with a couple.

This watch is recommended for those who are looking for a light and thin watch.

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