【Watch comparison】G-SHOCK(MTG-B1000D-1AJF vs GMW-B5000D-1JF)

This article compares two G-SHOCK(MTG-B1000D-1AJF and GMW-B5000D-1JF). These two watches are released in 2018. The MTG is manufactured at the Yamagata Casio factory, and the B5000 is a stainless steel watch based on the first model.

※In this article, MTG-B1000D-1AJF is written as “MTG” and GMW-B5000D-1JF as “B5000”.

Comparison table of MTG-B1000 and GMW-B5000

Weight182 g167 g
Diameter51.7 mm43.2 mm
Thickness14.4 mm13.0 mm
Drive systemTough solarTough solar
How to polishSatin and polishPolish
Case backMade of stainlessDLC screw back
Buckle strengthStrongWeak
Repair supportPremium supportNormal support
Price110,000 yen (about $1,100)66,000 yen (about $660)

※The price is calculated at 100 yen per dollar.

Difference in case back

MTG is twice the price of B5000, but the case back is better with B5000.

B5000 case back is made of DLC.

DLC case back is smooth and comfortable in direct contact with the skin. On the other hand, MTG case back has four screws, so the screws hit your skin and hurt.

Difference in weight

MTG is not comfortable to wear. Since MTG weighs more than 180g, your arms will get tired if you wear it for a long time. Also, as mentioned earlier, the four screws are attached to the case back, so my arm hurts.

On the other hand, B5000 is not uncomfortable to wear because the watch head is thin and weighs 167g.

Difference in appearance

The exterior of MTG is polished by Japanese craftsmen. Polishing called “Zaratsu polishing” is a polishing method that is performed only in Japan. The appearance polished by Zaratsu polishing is very beautiful. It has a high-class appearance, befitting the name of the high-class G-SHOCK.

Oh the other hand, B5000 is machine-polished at the factory. Since it is polished with polish, it is easy to get scratches.

Difference in feeling of pressing the pusher

MTG can push the pusher smoothly. You can push the pusher more smoothly than a mechanical chronograph. Also, since the area around the button is covered with packing, it can be pressed underwater.

On the other hand, B5000 pusher is very stiff and hard to push. It does not react just by pressing it lightly.

Differences in bracelets

MTG uses a special material called “Fine resin” on the back of the bracelet. Fine resin is a material specially developed by Casio and has a smooth feel. Fine resin is a company secret, so I don’t know the specifics, but it is a rust-resistant and lightweight material. You can wear it comfortably even in the cold winter season.

On the other hand, B5000 is made of regular stainless steel. Polished finish makes it easy to scratch.

Difference in buckle strength

MTG buckle is durable. The feel of locking the buckle is solid.

On the other hand, B5000 buckle is vulnerable. Sometimes it can’t be locked, and sometimes it comes off and falls.

Difference in visibility

The visibility of the MTG is not bad overall. However, some of the meters on the dial (between 10 and 15 minutes) have been removed, making it partially impossible to measure with the chronograph.

Since B5000 is digital, it has good visibility. This model has good visibility, but the inverted LCD model has poor visibility.

Difference in repair correspondence

MTG can receive a special repair service called “Casio Premium Line”. This is a repair system dedicated to MTG set up at the Yamagata Casio Factory, and overhaul work is done. Unlike the normal G-SHOCK, the repair service is very kind.

On the other hand, B5000 will be the same repair support as normal G-SHOCK. However, since B5000 is a popular model in Japan, it is unlikely that Casio will discontinue repairs in the future. You will be able to use it for a long time.

【Summary】Choose MTG for luxury and B5000 for casualness

The prices of the two watches compared in this article are twice as different. However, although the G-SHOCK, which costs 1,100 dollars, feels a little heavy, it has a sense of luxury that satisfies the desire for ownership.

B5000 is more reasonably priced than the MTG, is comfortable to wear, and can be worn anytime, anywhere. For some people, B5000 may be worn more often than the MTG.

Choose MTG if you want a special G-SHOCK, or B5000 if you’re thinking of wearing it in the business scene.