Frogman was generally digital. The analog model was first sold in 2020. The model I own is black.

Good points and Bad points



・Good visibility

・The band is fluorine coated

・Hard to hydrolyze


・The needle retract function cannot be used in the stopwatch mode

・Wobbly when the arm is thin

・Clasp is not made of titanium

・Sometimes it is difficult to see the indial in the water

State of wearing

Because it is large, it does not go through the sleeves of the shirt.

The fit is not good. Since it is a diver’s watch, it is thick. The band is stiff, so if arm is thin, it will wobble.

But this watch is comfortable to wear when wearing a wetsuit. Because there is a thickness of the wet suit.

Innovative module

Analog Frogman is equipped with a new module. You can use various functions with the push of a button. Stopwatch, diving mode, world time, etc. are possible with one push This is very convenient. The button on the left is large enough to be pressed even with gloves on.

What I was worried about was that the needle retract function could not be used in the stopwatch mode. Sometimes the indial cannot be seen.

About diving mode

Frogman has a function called diving mode. This function can measure the dive time. Since this watch is analog, you can visually measure the time by the position of the watch hands.

However, only one hour can be measured. And sometimes it is difficult to see the indial in the water.

About the exterior

This watch has an IP-processed bezel. Also, since the band is coated with fluorine, it is hard to cut.

The clasp is stainless steel. Considering corrosion resistance, titanium should be used, but it is made of stainless steel.

Important point

According to a Casio staff(at a consumer electronics retail store), if use it for diving on a daily basis, will need to replace the packing every 2 years. This is because the internal packing may cause hydrolysis. At the end of the parts holding period, packing replacement may be refused. It is not a watch that can be used for a lifetime.

However, according to Casio staff, “I have been using the old Frogman for 5 years, but I have not repaired it.” Since it is G-SHOCK, it seems to have high durability.


The exterior of this watch is IP-processed and fluorine-coated. Therefore, the exterior is resistant to hydrolysis. When a general G-SHOCK is soaked in water, minerals remain and it turns white, but this watch does not turn white. It’s a full-fledged diver’s watch.

The waterproof performance is 200m instead of 300m, but I think that 200m is enough for most dives.

If you have thin arms, it doesn’t feel good to wear, but if you like the design, you can buy it.