Impression Gran-Class(First class of Japanese Shinkansen)

This article introduces the first class “Gran Class” of Shinkansen.

About “Gran Class”

Gran Class is the first class of Tohoku Shinkansen and Joetsu Shinkansen. I got on the Tohoku Shinkansen “Hayabusa”.


↓Reclining is possible.


About all-you-can-drink service

GranClass offers an all-you-can-drink service. Alcohol, too. All drinks listed on the menu are all-you-can-drink. Please note that some trains(as Yamabiko) don’t offer this service.

About Light meal of Glan Class

Light meals will be served. It is a dish using ingredients along the Shinkansen. It’s like an in-flight meal on airplane.

Gran Class passengers can use the lounge at Tokyo Station

GranClass passengers can use the lounge(ViewGoldLounge) at Tokyo Station. You can relax here until you leave. It’s like an airport lounge. It is located near the central exit of the Yaesu exit.


↓Sweets and tea are provided.


↓You can read newspapers and magazines.


↓A photo of the old Tokyo station is displayed.

Important points of Lounge

The lounge is available when departing from Tokyo Station, but not when arriving at Tokyo Station. The reason is that when you arrive at Tokyo Station, you will run out of tickets at the ticket gate.

Once you leave the lounge, you cannot re-enter.

It is available for 90 minutes.

How to ride Gran Class and Important points

Tickets can be purchased from the terminal at the station. It costs about 20,000 yen from Tokyo to Sendai.

Here are some points to note. The fare for the Shinkansen in Japan consists of a limited express fare (limited express ticket) and a boarding fare (ticket). Please note that you need to purchase a limited express ticket and a ticket as a set. If you bought only the limited express ticket, you will need to buy the ticket later.

In addition, some Gran Class trains (such as Yamabiko) do not have all-you-can-drink service. If you want to use in-car sales, please purchase a Hayabusa ticket.

Please check the official website for details: