【Watch review】CASIO G-SHOCK GMW-B5000D-1JF

This watch is a model that reproduces the first G-Shock born in 1983 in stainless steel. It is a very popular watch in Japan. It was launched in 2018, but it was difficult to buy at that time. It is a long-selling product that is still popular today.

Good points and Bad points

Good points:

・Comfortable to wear(Thin and light)

・Faithfully reproduce the first model

・LCD screen is easy to see

・Low price and maintenance cost

Bad points:

・The windshield is not a sapphire crystal

・The buckle structure is bad

・Buttons are hard to press

About wearing comfort

This watch is thin(about 13mm). Therefore, it is comfortable to wear. Many G-Shock are large and uncomfortable to wear, but this watch is recommended for slender people.

About the exterior

I tried to compare it with the Royal Oak I own. The exterior of the Royal Oak has a satin finish, but this watch has a polished finish. It’s shiny. But it doesn’t look sarcastic. This watch can be used for business.

The polished finish is beautiful, but it is easily scratched. Rough handling will result in a watch full of scratches.

Good visibility

Also, the LCD screen is easy to see. This screen adopts a special one(STN-LCD) that is different from other G-Shock.

However, the windshield is not a sapphire crystal. Therefore, the screen is easily scratched.

Inferior buckle

The buckle of this watch has a bad structure. The buckle is not easy to fit. You need to put your finger between the watch and the belt and attach the buckle.

Buttons are hard to press

This watch is operated by pressing the button on the side, but the button is very difficult to press. The buttons are stiff.

Low maintenance cost

I checked the repair cost of this watch on Casio’s homepage. Replacement of all exterior parts is about 14,200 yen. Converted to dollars, it is about 109 dollars. It costs less than 200 dollars including module replacement.

G-Shock has a parts holding period of 7 years, but since this watch is a long-selling product, Casio is likely to continue production for a long time. So I think this watch can be used for a long time.


This watch has high cost performance. The list price is about 510 dollars, and the repair fee is cheap.

And it can be used for business purposes.

There are some bad parts in the exterior, but considering the price, I think it is a good watch. The idea of using this watch while repairing a mechanical watch is also good.