Impression: Mitsui Garden Hotel Toyosu BAYSIDE CROSS Tokyo【Hotel in Tokyo with beautiful view】

In this article, I wrote about my impression of staying at a hotel called “Mitsui Garden Hotel Toyosu”. This hotel was opened in 2020 and 36-story high-rise hotel near Tokyo Bay. The view from the room at sunset is very beautiful.

This is located near the venue where tennis of Tokyo Olympic Games was held. It is also close to the Olympic Village. You can see them from the room.

In this article, I wrote about my impressions when I stayed in the executive room where I could see the Olympic Village and Rainbow Bridge.

Good points and Bad points

Good points:

・You can enjoy the scenery all day long like the observatory of a high-rise tower

・Directly connected to Toyosu Station

・Beautiful room

・Separate toilet and bathroom

Bad points:

・Service is simplified

・There is only a king bed

・There are many black pillars in the windows of the room, which is an obstacle to seeing the scenery

・This hotel is a popular hotel, so it’s very crowded on holidays

State of the room

This room is named “Executive View Bath Corner King”. The windows of the room are large, so the view from the room is very beautiful.

↓This hotel usually has to check out at 11:00. But I wanted to shoot the daytime scenery, so I checked out at 13:00 for an additional fee(about 1,000 yen).

In the next section, I will introduce the photos I took.

View from the room

You can enjoy the view of Tokyo Bay on a sunny day.


This room is a corner room so you can enjoy the view in two directions.

↓It is a view in the direction where you can see the Rainbow Bridge. On the right side of the bridge in the middle is the Olympic Village.


↓You can see three condominiums in Toyosu. There is Ginza in this direction, but I can’t see it because of condominiums. You can see that the Olympic Village is lower than the high-rise condominiums.


↓It is a view in the direction of seeing the Tokyo SKY TREE. This tower is 634m high and I went there in January this year.


↓This room has a very beautiful sunset view.


↓You can clearly see Mt. Fuji.


About bathroom

It’s a beautiful bath. You can enjoy the bath while looking at the scenery. I felt that the space for washing my body was a little small, but I think it is within the allowable range. If you are very big, you may feel that bath is small.


↓You can change the mood of the bath with the dimming button.


↓This room has bath salts(bubble essence). If you use these, you can enjoy the bubble bath.

This hotel has a large communal bath on the 36th floor. You can also enjoy the bath there.

About washing machines and vending machines

This hotel has a washing machine and a vending machine on each floor. This is convenient for long-term stays.

About restaurant and bar

About the restaurant

The restaurant is next to the reception on the 36th floor. It’s not a fine dining restaurant, but it has a fashionable atmosphere.


↓In Toyosu, there is a place to trade marine products called “Toyosu Market”. You can enjoy the seafood sent from there.


↓I ate grilled swordfish. It was delicious.


↓It is a course menu. Course meals change every month.


About the bar

↓The bar is next to the restaurant. The corner room has a welcome drink service. You can drink here.

Restaurant meal can be eaten in the room

↓You can eat restaurant meal in the room by calling the restaurant and ordering. You can dine while enjoying the view in the room. It’s a luxury.

Points of concern

↓This room has a lot of black pillars on the windows. Depending on where you look at the scenery, the black pillars can be an obstacle to seeing the scenery.

Also, this room has only a king bed. If you are staying with two people, you need to sleep together. Be careful if you are bad couple.There is also a corner room with twin beds, but you can’t see the Rainbow Bridge and Olympic Village.


The room I stayed in is about 38,000 yen(about $297 when $1 per 127 yen) night. Depending on the time of year, the price may rise higher than this. I used to be able to stay at a cheaper price(at the time of opening in 2020), but it seems that the price has increased due to the higher utility bills and the popularity of the hotel.

The hotel service is simple as the original room rates were cheap. If it costs more than 45,000 yen(about $352) per night in the future, it may be better to stay at a 5 star hotel than here.

However, it is directly connected to Toyosu station and the scenery is very beautiful, so I think it is attractive. It is recommended if you use this hotel for sightseeing purposes, but please be aware that it is very crowded on holidays.

How to get to the hotel

When going from Tokyo Station, first take the JR Yamanote Line to Yurakucho Station, then take the Yurakucho Subway Line to Toyosu Station. It is located just outside Exit 2 of Toyosu Station.

↓There is a caveat. The right side of the hotel entrance is the office entrance (in the direction of the escalator). It’s easy to make a mistake because the office is the same as the name of the hotel. Please be careful not to enter it by mistake.

(detail of this hotel: