Impression: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo (Suite room)【Japanese hotel review】

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is a 5-star hotel located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. We stayed in a suite room (corner suite). This article is writing a review of this hotel.


↓We were assigned to the corner room 3001. Let’s get into the main subject.

Good points and Bad points

Good points:

・Excellent functionality

・Excellent meal service

・Suite room has proper floor plan

・There are two toilets and towel warmer(suite only)

・Beds and sofas are made of fine fabrics

・Bed is comfortable to sleep in

・You can check out at 16:00 (depending on availability the next day)

Bad points:

・You can’t check in and check out while sitting

・Face-to-face services are drastically decreasing

・Short business hours for spa and gym(Spa until 20:00, gym until 18:00)

・The view from the room is bad

・Room lighting is dim

・There is a weak part in terms of hardware(For example, there is no Blu-ray player on the TV, no smartphone charger)

・Modest impression compared to overseas Mandarin Oriental

From entrance to reception

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is directly connected to Mitsukoshimae Station on the Ginza Subway Line. It is located just outside Exit 7. Of course you can also go by car. If you go by car, there is a main entrance. It has excellent functionality because it is directly connected to the station. If you use this hotel for sightseeing in Tokyo, I think it is the best.


↓The reception is on the 38th floor. Take the elevator from the 1st floor.


↓It’s a reception. If you arrive earlier than the check-in time, a hotel employee may guide you to restaurant. Unlike other 5-star hotels, it’s a pity that this hotel doesn’t allow you to sit down and check in. There is a sofa in the middle so I think it would be nice to be able to check in there.


↓Below the reception is a restaurant.

Introduction of suite room

We stayed in a corner suite. This room is 100 square meters. It’s wide, but the floor plan is appropriate.

Living room

First, I will introduce from the living room. ↓This is the view from the entrance. The living room has a TV and two tables.


↓It is a table for business. Next to it is a box containing seasonal fruits. This is a service and free. Boxes containing this fruit are not found in other hotels.


↓There is also a table with a sofa. There is a refrigerator on the right.


↓The room has many new parts and it feels like a luxury hotel in Korea.

Living room features of suite

There is a “pass-through closet” in the suite. This is a closet where you can receive guest room service contactlessly. It’s like a mailbox. You can also receive newspapers and meals in this closet.


Next is the introduction of the bedroom. The bedrooms in the suite are completely separate.


↓There is also a TV in the bedroom, which emerges from the table when you press the switch. It feels like a TV in Aman Tokyo


↓The bedroom TV has an HDMI connection. We played with a Nintendo Switch connected.


Bedroom features of suite

The bedrooms at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo have cushions on the ceiling for better sound insulation. Also, the fabric material of the bed is of good quality, which makes it very comfortable to sleep in. Bed is Simmons. This is my first experience with a comfortable bed!


↓The bedroom has a fragrance of Mandarin Oriental. You can buy this fragrance at boutique on 37th floor.

Wet floor

Next is the introduction of the wet floor. Bathroom is like a tropical resort hotel.


↓The shower booth is large. It cannot be captured by the angle of view of the iPhone. There are three showers: rain shower, hand shower and normal shower.


↓The washbasin in Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is made of marble.


↓Amenity is Bottega Veneta. This is for suites only. The dryer is made by Panasonic. The suite at Park Hyatt Tokyo, where I stayed last summer, was Dyson. But for women, many people bring their own hair dryers.

Bathroom features of suite

There is a towel warmer in the bathroom. It is convenient because you can dry towels and bathrobes.


I took a video of the room I introduced so far.

About suite room fixtures

Next is an introduction to the equipment in suite.


All drinks in the fridge are charged. Mineral water outside the refrigerator is free. Please note that mineral water is free if you drink it in the room, but if you take it home, you will be charged 2500 yen per bottle later.


There are almost all kinds of tableware. Rather, I was surprised to find a lot of tableware.

Around the desk

Business tables have stationery and electrical outlets. If you have all this, you won’t have any trouble with your work. However, there is no AC adapter, LAN cable, or smartphone charger.


There are three closets in suite. One of them contains a safe, room wear and laundry utensils. There are 3 closets, so if you stay for consecutive nights, you can use it effectively.

Can read ebooks(MOLibrary)

There is a service (MOLibrary) that allows you to read more than 400 newspapers and magazines on your smartphone.

View from room

The view from the room is not good. The skyscraper in front (COREDO Muromachi) obstructs the view.


↓It was taken from the side of a skyscraper. You can see the Metropolitan Expressway and the railway. As an aside, if you go straight on this Metropolitan Expressway, you can go to Shinjuku, where Park Hyatt Tokyo is located.


↓You can see the view from the bedroom, but since it is surrounded by the office district, it is just a view of the building. The scenery of only the buildings is boring.


↓We could see Tokyo Tower(I went to 2/24) from the gap of the building. As soon as we saw Tokyo Tower, we played with Nintendo Switch.

About meals

Next is the introduction of meals.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo’s dining service is substantial. There are many restaurants, but you can freely choose the food from them and enjoy it in your room. Recommended for those who like to eat.


↓This is a welcome sweet. You can get it for an additional charge of 3000 yen. There are a lot of fruits I think people who like fruits will be happy.


↓At night, we drank champagne and mandarin blended tea. This tea was so delicious that I bought it later. Room service is up to 9:30 pm(when we stayed). Park Hyatt Tokyo was open 24 hours a day, but I don’t think most people eat in the middle of the night.



↓This is a picture of breakfast. There are two types of breakfast. I ordered Mandarin Oriental pancakes. Please note that you cannot eat unless you book breakfast by 9 pm the day before.


This is a picture of lunch. I ordered fried rice for lunch. Mandarin Oriental Tokyo’s Chinese restaurant “Sense” has won the Michelin Guide star. It was delicious with fried rice using king crab.

About Fans of M.O.

You can get various benefits by registering with Fans of M.O. Please check the official website for details.

About boutiques

Introducing the boutiques of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

There is a boutique selling Mandarin Oriental Tokyo goods on the 1st floor. The boutique on the first floor sells mandarin blended tea, cakes and sweets. The boutique on the 37th floor sells fragrances.


↓I bought Mandarin Blend Tea. I recommend it because it is a very delicious oolong tea.

Favorite point

This hotel uses high quality fabrics. Chairs, sofas, beds and all fabrics are high-quality to the touch. It’s amazing to be so particular about fabric products.

Points of concern

There is a weak part in terms of hardware. For example, there is no Blu-ray player on the TV, no smartphone charger. Also, the TV remote control is not very responsive and easy to use. In order to use the network required for streaming playback, you need to pay an additional fee of 750 yen. The manager of Mandarin Oriental Tokyo said in an interview in 2013 that he would “renovate with an emphasis on IT.”

Also, it was a pity that the lighting in the room was dim. In this article I adjusted the photo to be brighter, but it’s actually a darker room. Especially in the living room, I thought that the number of lights was small.

Compared to overseas Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo has a modest impression. Tokyo is located on the upper floors of a business building, which contrasts with the gorgeous image of Hong Kong, Barcelona and Dubai. There are some places that can’t be helped due to location issues.

This hotel is famous for spa, but the current it is open until 20:00. Since it is a reservation system, it is difficult to use it in terms of time.

Summary: How is the ability of 6 stars?

I think that there are two types of hotel hospitality. One is to be actively involved with the customer, and the other is to leave everything to the customer. In Corona bruise, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo chose the latter.

The hospitality of not being involved with customers is risky. Some customers may feel distrustful that they are “ignoring”(actually not ignoring). This 5-star hotel (AAHS is 6-star) doesn’t even have the services that other 5-stars take for granted, such as luggage carrying services and room information. Nevertheless, the reason for choosing such a minimum service is that there is a policy of leaving everything to the customer.

Therefore, the service can be freely used by customers without any restrictions. In particular, the food service was excellent and I was able to feel the joy of eating. Some hotels, like the Ritz-Carlton, serve meals in the lounge, but here you can enjoy a variety of meals in your room. I think it’s good that the hotel focuses on relaxing in the room rather than constraining guests. This is because it is close to the hospitality spirit that customers originally want from hotels.

This hotel is recommended for those who want to relax in the room for that reason. Not suitable for people who want to receive a lot of services from the hotel(For example, a person who wants to experience an activity).