Impression: Park Hyatt Tokyo(suite room) 【Japanese Hotel Accommodation Reviews】

※This article is an English translation of the article posted in July 2021.

Park Hyatt Tokyo is a hotel that opened in 1994. Shinjuku Park Tower is a symbol of Shinjuku. This hotel is a favorite of various celebrities, such as Ryuichi Sakamoto and Sofia Coppola.

We stayed for the first time.

Good points and Bad points

Good points:

・A symbol of Shinjuku, it is well known

・It has been more than 25 years since it opened, but it has maintained the same quality since it opened.

・Fragrance is different for each area of the room

・Sophisticated service

・Perfect cleaning

・Large bedroom

Bad points:

・To be honest, impeccable!(Not flattering) If I’m forced to say, bad point is that DVD player had been equipped rather than a Blu-ray player.

Hotel entrance

There is a library near the entrance. After exiting the library, you will find the reception.

Girandole (restaurant)

On the way from the entrance to the reception, there is a restaurant called Girandole. This restaurant has become a breakfast venue, but here is currently closed due to COVID-19 measures. We ate breakfast in my room.

Introduction of the room

Living room

Introducing the room we stayed in. We stayed in a room called the Park Suite Room. This room is 100㎡ and is a corner room on the 47th floor.


↓The two sofas in the living room have a fixed angle. It seems that Park Hyatt Tokyo decides the angle.


↓There is a dimming switch, you can change the mood of the room.


↓You can watch overseas broadcasts on TV. There is a DVD player and Bluetooth speakers. Unfortunately, Blu-ray cannot be played.


↓There are books on the bookshelf that introduce Park Hyatt.

Bed room

The bedroom is very wide. A typical hotel room is the same size as the bedroom in this room. Also in the bedroom there is a television.

Electrical outlet is the 3-pin.

In addition, this suite has a different fragrance for each room. This is unusual. The fragrance in here is the aroma that settle down.


The bathroom has a classic atmosphere. The floor is tiled and there is no underfloor heating like Aman Tokyo. It’s not high-tech, but you can enjoy bath time while enjoying the classic atmosphere.

It gave us supplemented with bath salts at the time of the turn-down.

Also, the fragrance of the bathroom is different from other areas, too.


↓The bathroom can also change the mood. The dimming switch in the bathroom is in the bedroom.


Dress room

Peninsula Tokyo dress room is very large, but this suite is small and in the aisle. However, privacy is preserved because there is a door that separates the dressing room from the living room.

The dryer is Dyson. As I heard later, Dyson dryer is limited to suites in this hotel. By the way, Ritz-Carlton Tokyo is Repronizer.

Welcome sweets

Welcome sweets is candy. This candy is made by hand in Kyoto. Such as melon and watermelon and strawberries, you can enjoy the taste of a variety of fruits.

Received a surprise birthday gift!

I received a birthday present from the hotel. We didn’t tell in advance that it was a birthday stay, so it was a surprise present. It is a chocolate ganache from Hokkaido.


About minibar and refrigerator

All drinks are charged at this hotel. However, mineral water and instant coffee are free. Please note that it is more expensive than other 5 star hotels. Ice can be ordered by phone.

The Capitol Tokyu Suite in Akasaka has two refrigerators, but this suite has one. The refrigerator contains fruit juice, champagne, wine, beer, sake, non-alcoholic juice, etc., which are limited to Park Hyatt Tokyo.

View from the room

As it is a corner room, you can enjoy the view in two directions. You can also see the national stadium where tokyo2020 was held in the cityscape of Shinjuku. In July, when we stayed, we could see the preparations for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games at the National Stadium until late at night.


↓There is also a commentary on the scenery of Tokyo.


The window where Scarlett Johansson sat in “Lost in Translation”

The place where Scarlett Johansson was sitting was very beautiful. It has been carefully cleaned to make it easier to sit on. If you stay at this hotel, it’s a good idea to sit down like her!

Perfect cleaning!

What surprised me when we visited this hotel was the perfect cleaning. There was no dust in places that were hard to notice. I’ve never seen such a perfect cleaning at any other hotel.

We went to the “New York Bar” where Lady Gaga visited

This bar is once the place where Lady Gaga visited and performed. Normally, jazz is played here, but now the performance is suspended due to the influence of COVID-19.


Club on the Park (Spa and Fitness Club)

The pool and gym are free, but the spa is charged. There is also a charge for using the changing room. The pool is old, but you can enjoy the view of Tokyo from the pool on the 47th floor.



We had breakfast in the room. American breakfast. Also ate while watching the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. It was a meal while watching two-way of Shohei Otani on TV.


【Summary】An artistic hotel where you can feel like you are in New York. It is attractive that it has not been refurbished since its opening and has not changed.

Park Hyatt Tokyo is passed from opening more than 25 years, but never has been renovated so far once. In other hotels renovated often, but here doesn`t dare added to the change. It is commendable that it has maintained its goodness since its opening for more than 25 years.

Park Hyatt is open only in a limited number of places in the world. Park Hyatt is not in countries like England, Spain, Singapore, etc., nor is it in Hawaii. Nishi-Shinjuku, where this hotel is located, is a business district, and the hotel is located in a stylish building, so you can feel like you are in New York.

Also, Shinjuku Park Tower is a symbol of Tokyo, so if you stay, you can show off to your friends.

It is recommended by all means it is stayed If you come to Japan. You will enjoy a fulfilling stay.